Introduction Edit

Windy Blossom (@EQG_Windy) is a sophomore at Canterlot High School (CHS). Her older brother is Midnight Shine. Windy, like her brother, has a rough past with her mother and father. She doesn't like to be affiliated with the Shine clan in Manehattan. She was born on 16 May, 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts. Windy also works at Quick Stop (a parody of Stop & Shop) in downtown Canterlot.  

Close FriendsEdit

Starting out in Canterlot, Windy was a bit shy. After her older brother showed her around town a bit, she got acquainted with a few people. One of the first people she met was Strawberry Blossom (no relation). To this day, the people she really hangs out with are Strawberry, Apple Bloom , Sweetie Belle , Scootaloo and the aforementioned Strawberry. 

Special TalentEdit

Windy aspires to be a computer scientist. Her parents would rather her be an employee of theirs at ShineTech Industries. This is because Orion (father) wants Midnight to take over the industry. Bother her older brother and herself agree they will never take over ShineTech.