"Whatever... You're just in the way anyway." - Voro to EQG_SpitFire.

EQG Voro

A recent graduate of CHS, Voro isn't exactly known for being a nice guy. At all. Recognized for being generally jerky and often vandalizing CHS property along with the aid of his scheming Aunt, Chrysalis, he tends to clash with anyone and anything in his way. With words or sledgehammer when necessary.

Statistics Edit

Age - 18 yrs.

Eye Color - Lime Green

Strengths - Wearing sunglasses, looking down on underclassmen

Weaknesses - Academics

Occupation - N / A

Established RelationshipsEdit

Chrysalis - Aunt, currently resides with her. Fearful of her lashing out at him when he decides to disobey.

Celestia - If she had a first name, Voro would address her as such due to the sheer amount of times he's been in and out of her office.

GoldSoul / Goldy - Often caught during plans gone awry.

Player Info. Edit

Timezone - United States Eastern Standard Time.

Notes Edit

- Affectionately named his sledgehammer "Charlotte".

- The three black stripes on his leather jacket are an homage to Shogo Yahagi's Garland and other incarnations of the cyberbike in the Megazone 23 OVA.