Strawberry Blossom (@eqg_strawberryb) is a freshman at Canterlot High, and the daughter of one of the school's art teachers, Miss Elegant Strokes.  The two moved into Canterlot during the middle of October 2013, and have slowly adjusted to the change of pace compared to their previous home in Manehattan.  Despite a somewhat quiet nature at first, she's a fairly energetic girl around her friends.

Friends and... Crusades?Edit

Upon moving into Canterlot, Strawberry was originally afraid and fairly shy, not knowing

Human Strawberry

Strawberry in her typical button down shirt and dress skirt.

anyone at the new school at the time.  Within her first week at the school, she was quickly brought into one of the more popular lunch tables to start out with, managing to meet Rimshot , Chronic Pony , and Aqua Glide and being invitied to a party the same day.  Though it was a bit nerve-wracking for her with so many new people, she managed to meet most of the school that night, and felt much more welcome in her new home.  By the time the new year had started in 2014, she found herself sitting with the likes of Sweetie Belle , Scootaloo , Babs Seed , and Apple Bloom, known amongst each other as the "Cutie Mark Crusaders."  She managed to become a Crusader herself, also bringing her girlfriend Windy Blossom (no relation) with her into the group as well at the same time.

Talent (?)Edit

Though she hasn't quite found out what her talent is, or what would represent it as her own "cutie mark," Strawberry has started to get an idea of what she's skilled with.  Being the daugther of an artist does have it's benifits, as Strawberry is a fairly talented artist herself, though it isn't quite what she's looking to do.  A recent capming trip with her friends has helped her discover a strong knowledge of wild berries and the plants that they grow on.