Silver G. Dust Edit

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Head Shot of Silver Dust

Life Before Canterlot Edit

Silver Dust was originally born in Cloudsdale. She had 5 friends that loved all the same things. Spring Board was her childhood best friend but the friendship ended horribly by them fighting and saying they were never going to speak again. After all the drama Silver dust then moved to Canterlot at age 16.

Silver Dust Edit

Silver dust

Silver Dust in Canterlot Edit

Silver Dust arrived in Fall in the 2013-2014 school year. She had made many friends: Silver Bullet, Rim Shot, and Thunder Storm. She enjoys gymnastics and is captain of the Canterlot Wondercolts team. Her favorite place is Sugar Cube Corner and she loves to skate on her skates. Secretly she is a singer but is too shy to show it. Silver plays violin, clarinet, and flute. Her family include Storybook Song (Younger sister), Twirl (Younger Brother), Emerald Dust (Mother), Bronze Dust (Father).