Shining Armor is the Phsyical Education teacher at Canterlot High School, and also a coach for the school's basketball and baseball teams.  He graduated from Canterlot himself a few years back, where he met his now wife, Cadence , who's the school's guidence counselor.


EQG Shining

Shining and his wife, Cadence

With being married to Cadence, Shining has become closer with the aunts of his wife, Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, and occasionally the four will visit each other for a family meal.  Aside from his extended family, he's adjusted from being a student at Canterlot to becoming a teacher, and talking to the other school staff more often.  One such relationship that's been growing would be with the school's dance teacher, Miss Harmony Dancer, who he took classes from while attending Canterlot.


During his playing career at Canterlot, Shining had a very strong eye for detail on both the field and the court.  He was a strong athelte, but not quite a stand-out star, fitting more into the role of an on-field coach, which translated well into becoming an actual coach when he became old enough to gain a job offer.  During his classes, he's often scouting the students for athletic talent, whether consciously doing so or not.  The most notable example of his scouting was during a normal game of dodgeball where he took a note of Rocky's arm strength, convincing him to tryout for the baseball team, and later making it.

Class ScheduleEdit

Shining teaches 5 classes at Canterlot High, allowing any grade to enroll in any of his classes if they so choose.

9 AM: Lifetime Fitness

10 AM: Weights/Lifting

11 AM: Physical Education

12 PM: Lunch (No class)

1 PM: Physical Education

2 PM: Planning Period (No class)

3 PM: Team Sports