Pinkie Pie
Twitter Twitter-profile EQG_Pinkie
Gender Female
Eyes cerulean
Hair Brilliant rose
Skin Light ceriseish gray
Timezone  EST
Special Talent  Party Planning
Talents Baking, Pranking, One Pinkie Band, and Fourth Wall Breaking.

Pinkie PieEdit

The most super duper party girl in all of Canterlot, Pinkie loves to make her friends and most anyone smile. She is one of the most wackiest people you will ever meet, along side Cheese Sandwich, they will make the world smile together.

Pinkie's LifeEdit

Pinkie lives at Sugar Cube Corner, the small bakery in town, it's owned by the Cakes. She has five super awesome friends, Sunset ShimmerFluttershyApplejackRainbow Dash, and Rarity. Although Pinkie is never busy, busy, she is always planning her next big party.

Pinkie and Cheese SandwichEdit

Pinkie and Cheese are super similar, it seems almost in every way. Most would say they are dating, but if you asked Pinkie she would tell you they are just the best of friends. She has almost no idea how Cheese feels.