Midnight Shine


Midnight Shine was born in Massachusetts General Hospital in April of 1996. For the majority of his life, he's lived with his family in Albany, New York. In 2009, Sunny Shine (mother) and Orion Shine (father) got a divorce, bringing Midnight and Windy (sister) down to Baltimore. Midnight did not move to Canterlot until early 2014.

Personality Edit

Midnight is usually an extrovert when it comes to socialising with people. Since his arrival, he hasn't made that many friends. He is usually in the background for the most part. With the few friends he has, he likes to get into a little bit of trouble here and there. When it comes to girls that he has a crush on, he becomes a shy person with absolutely no social skills at all.

A Message From the Writer (Completely OOC)Edit

Hello everyone, my name is Dan, but y'all know me as Mid. I'm just the writer for this and other RP accounts. I like to RP because it gives me a sense of being someone else that I could never be. It's like a second home to me. The EQG world has changed so much since when I actually joined last year, and the changes make the world better. Make sure to follow the guidelines when roleplaying/making a character!