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== About EQG RP==

EQG was started on June 20th of 2013, and boy has the little group grown! Though not as popular as some twitter roleplay groups, EQG has proven to be fun for everyone. EQG roleplay centers around roleplay based on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic movie, Equestria Girls. We do lighthearted slice of life roleplay similar to the show itself, but also add regular epic scenes to keep things interesting.

If you're reading this page, we're going to assume that you're ready to hop straight into roleplay in the world of Equestria Girls! That's really great, and we'd love to have you, but there are rules to abide by. Before getting started, please be sure to read the things below!

If you're ready to jump in, be sure to read the guides below.

Guidelines and Rules in EQG RP


- With the one year anniversary of Equestria Girls fast approaching, the Mod Team has been doing some serious talking. We feel we've moved away from the world that was presented in the movie & wish to get back to the basics. A cartoon world with no magic or super science. We've added a new guideline that says just that, but it won't take effect until June 14th, the anniversary of the movie. So if it affects you, you have time to adjust your characters.


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Original Character Theft

- Please note: Stealing someone elses pony art, for this Wiki, or for your twitter account is NOT okay.  If we find any stolen art, we will delete your Wiki-page, ban you from the Wiki, contact the artist and provide them your IP address and screenshots of the stolen art, and contact twitter for a copyright infringement.  DO NOT STEAL ART.


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Wiki Rules

Please familiarize yourself with our Wiki Rules  before editing the wiki!

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