"Chaos is a wonderful thing."
Twitter Twitter-profile EQG_Discord
Gender Male
Eyes and Moderate scarlet and brilliant gold
Hair Vermilionish black
Skin Amberish gray
Timezone  EST
Special Talent Spreading chaos throughout Canterlot High
Talents Annoying Celestia, being creative, making "modern art" out of junk.

Canterlot's High's former principal and current art teacher. People tend to think of him as annoying, rude, and very mysterious. 


Discord is arrogant and overconfident, as he underestimates many things, including his supervisor's sincerity when she threatened to fire him when he was principal. Despite having a fondness for chaos, he can become easily annoyed if things don't go according to his plan. Discord is friendless, though he usually pretends he's best friends with his fellow staff members. He's usually found sleeping on the job, talking about his low paycheck, life problems, or assigning homework. When he's home he can be found in his front or back yard, making odd sculptures out of junk.


Like I said, Discord has absolutely no friends as of now. His annoying and arrogant personality is like a people repellant, and others tend not to want to hang around him. Not many students think he's their favorite teacher, because of his difficult homework assignments and tendancy to talk about his problems in class. He does take a fondness to a young girl named Fluttershy, seeing that she helped him and cared for him in a rabbit accident.

He considers himself besties with Sombra and Cranky although neither of them really like them. He is often trying to flirt with Principal Celestia, but he usually gets the cold shoulder. Unless his personality can change, Discord can expect to remain friendless.