A look at your favorite teacher...


Chrysalis is the creepy-ist and downright most disturbing teacher at Canterlot Highschool. If your unlucky enough to have her on your schedule, you better be prepared for some crazy class periods. Between her constant complaing and ranting, crazy ideas, and sarcasam, you better be ready for anything. Especially with Potion Fridays, where theres a random potion that can have the craziest side effects. Potion Fridays have been taken over by Joanne, (@EqG_Joanne,) untill further notice.  CLASS AND CHRYSSIE INFO


  1. With the Chrys' player's busy schedule, the players are usually only on for the last period. (The 3-4:00 classes.)  Thats when you can find most stuff going on with Chrysalis, and it's a great time to roleplay with her if she isn't busy in another scene with another person. If you do see Queen Chrysalis talking to someone else, please don't swarm her. This also goes for other manes and show characters.
  2. Potion Friday's are always on Fridays in the 3:00-4:00 class. Joanne, ([[1]] ) also known  as Chrysalis' 'apprentince,' has been taking over the Friday mayhem for her lately. It's an open RP time for everyone, so even if you don't get a message saying, "*Gives [your character's name] A potion.*" Do NOT take it to heart, and roleplay along as if you did.
  3. If you want to plan a scene with Chrysalis, or have potion ideas, DM me or Joanne with the ideas, and me to set up the scenes.