Canterlot High School from the outside.

Canterlot High School is a main area for the RP world, seeing as most of the characters are either a student or s taff member there.  The building has multiple wings and two floors, holding a currently

unknown number of students, with a large mix of played characters and non-played students.

Staff ListEdit

Currently, there are 15 played characters who work at the school, ranging from teachers to cafeteria workers. Included in this group are:

Principal Celestia

Vice Principal Luna

Miss "Queen" Chrysalis; Science teacher

Miss Elegant Strokes ; Art teacher

Miss Daring Do; History teacher

Miss Cheerilee ; Math teacher and librarian

Miss Harmony Dancer ; Dance teacher, hockey coach, and band director

Miss Astrid Le Roux ; French teacher

Mr. Discord ; Art teacher.

Mr. Timothy Trope ; English teacher

Mr. Kent Ing Sombra ; History teacher, hair extrondinare

Mr. Artemis ; Science teacher

Mr. Shining Armor ; Gym teacher, baksetball coach, and baseball coach

Mrs. Mi Amore Cadenza, "Cadence" ; guidance counselor.

Granny Smith ; Cafeteria lady


Canterlot High School is split into seprate wings for each desired subject, lining each hallway with lockers.  The library is located near the middle of the school, nearly across the hall from the cafeteria.  There are two gyms located inside of the building, one being the space used for; Shining Armor's classes, home basketball and volleyball games, and school dances. The other gymnasium-like space is an auxillary gym, is used mainly by the gymnastics team.  Canterlot even has it's own pool, located between the Science and English hallways on the first floor.  In the courtyard at the front of the school is the statue of the mascot: The Canterlot Wondercolts.  The statue has been in it's place since the founding of the school, but rumors surrounding it have led to it being taken down and recreation of the original statue out of a more solid material was put back in the same spot.