EqG Archer casual

Archer in her casual wear.

Archer (@Archer_EqG) is an freshman who is often mistaken for a male, due to both her boyish looks and adventurous personality. She doesn't mind this, though, as she prefers to think of herself as a boy anyway and spends a lot of her time playing sports or video games, particularly RPG's. She isn't shy about her personality, and is willing to admit her flaws and embrace her talents.. Her biggest flaw is her impatience. She can not understand why things can't happen now rather than later and tends to be rash if not given something instantly.

Fact FileEdit

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Hobbies: Sports, Video Games

Motto: 'Going AFK.'

Joined: This Month


Current Friends: @EQG_Joan

Current Enemies: None

Family: Unknown