EQG Aqua

Aqua in his typical school gear.

Aqua Glide is currently a junior at Canterlot High and has worked his way up to becoming the captain of the Canterlot swim team.  Normally, he tries to stay fairly laid back, though there are events that have caused him to act otherwise.  Along with swimming though, he's managed to find himself in a band called the "Space Monkeys" with a few of his friends.  While shown as wearing a school shirt, a pair of jeans, and two wristbands, typically Aqua has a different shirt on with a pair of goggles visible on them.

Family InfluenceEdit

Being the youngest of 3 boys, Aqua's had more than his fair share of expectations to live up to.  His oldest brother, Cascade Reaction, has a PhD in synthetic chemistry and has started a family of his own with his wife, while his middle brother, Quill Feather, is working to become a college english professor.  Seeing what his older brothers have done makes Aqua feel a bit pressured with his school work, knowing what he's likely to be compared to.  Despite the pressure, the impact that his brothers had on him did lead Aqua to find out his own talent.

As a young child, Aqua always looked up to Cascade a bit more than he looked up to Quill seeing as Cascade was a strong soccer player and hurdler for Canterlot, where Quill was more into performing arts.  He wanted to be just like his oldest brother athletically, but he could never match what he did, so instead, he found his way into the water, where he created his own success.  Almost ironically, his musical ability, which pails in comparisson to his skill in the water, was influenced by his middle brother being so into the performing arts and being in the school's band program.  Taking his athelteic prowness, Aqua takes himself to the baseball field in the spring, teamming up with the likes of Rocky and Chronic Pony, very occasionally showcasing his fielding talents along the outfield fence.

Friends and RelationshipsEdit

Ever since the past summer, Aqua's found himself in a solid group of friends, mainly consisting of his bandmates; Rimshot , Chronic Pony , Crystal Trixs , and Flash Sentry , but isn't held to just the

Lyra and Aqua-2

Aqua and Lyra after a school dance.

m.  Recently, he's had Midnight Shine live at his house, along with having lived with a few other friends over the course of the past year.  The change of pace in his life has also led to quite a few recent relationships, that have been surrounding Aqua ever since late July.  Yet somehow, the only relationship of his that truly ended without outside forces, was when he dated Eva Night, which lastet a month and a half.  Currently, he's in a strong standing relationship with Lyra Heartstrings, which has gone on since early January, and isn't showing any signs of ending soon.